Undeniable Impact

Recently we have losnatalie-cole-unforgettablet some legendary people…

January 1st most of us either woke up to or arrived home from a wild night of New Year’s Eve partying, to the news that Natalie Cole had passed away. Daughter to the infamous Nat King Cole and artist in her own right, I easily remember all the times my mom and her friends would play Natalie’s songs. And in the age of the music television variety shows, I can remember seeing her and her fly outfits when we were lucky enough to catch her performances.

January 2nd we were informed that we lost impenetrable mind, analytical thinker and profound speaker, Dr Frances Cress Welsing. I am actually embarrassed to admit that I was just cosmically introduced to Dr. Welsing in late 2015. I had been on an extensive search forDr_Frances_Cress_Welsing information about ancient Kemet, Africa and all things related to melanin when I had the pleasure of watching a few of her interviews on You Tube. I think my favorite was an appearance she made on The Tony Brown Show alongside a white male doctor who had convinced himself (and at least the producers of that show) that he had documented research and definitive proof that black people were physically unable to learn and function at the same rate whites were. Dr. Welsing was so eloquent, so knowledgeable, so CALM and so not backing down! She shut his BS down with a swift classiness. It was apparent that at that moment he had failed miserably in making his point and failed as a scholar having been verbally beaten by a woman. A BLACK WOMAN, no less!

She intrigued me to no end because they don’t make them like her where I’m from. I was so inspired that I had to get a list of all her writings and of course her most popular writing instantly caught my attention. I put The Isis Papers on my Amazon wishlist but I have still not purchased it. That will change this month in honor of her. 

And most recently, on January 10th, we lost a legendary rocker, Mr. David Bowie.

tumblr_m6vpe7KOaj1rotfiho1_1280Now I have always heard the name and if you would have asked me who he was in a lineup of rock and roll stars, I would have been able to pick him out easily. But the truth is, I didn’t know anything about Bowie outside of the fact that back in his heyday he seemed to have perfected the art of horrifying people with his androgynous nature. That alone, I can appreciate because I think I possess a little (well a lot) of that “I don’t give a damn” attitude myself. 

Since his passing there has been no shortage of Bowie posts. Everyone has posted their favorite songs, pictures of him, television interviews, portraits, etc. 

Initially I paid it no attention.

But as I have decided to allow my social media to be automated for today, I have garnered the time to just chill out and look at whatever I want. I decided to look at some of the old footage of Bowie in interviews and his music. Let’s just say, I can understand why he has so many fans. 

More than anything while observing all the posts for each of the people mentioned above, it got me to thinking. 

It got me to thinking about impact. It made me wonder what impact I will have on just one other life, let alone hundreds of thousands of lives. It got me to thinking about the power of music and literature. It got me to thinking about all of the artistic ways that people find to etch themselves into the eternity of linear time. 

What will be my impact? I have a story now but I’m certain that my tales will only gain more momentum as I continue to navigate my way through this existence.

I have to marvel at people like Cole, Welsing and Bowie. They have been able to make an impact on this world that is so prevalent that the mere idea of them moving beyond seems to move LEGIONS of people. That is no minor feat.

I was a fan of two (Cole and Welsing) but I have become a fan of one (Bowie). Looking at all the work they put into just being themselves and how powerful they have been in moving souls that they have never met, I am ASTONISHED.

I’d like to offer a personal good bye from this realm to you souls. I’d like to give a huge ‘thank you’ and a hug. We appreciate you all and we hope your transitions were peaceful ones.