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Gorgeousness. On so many levels…

Look at this image…


Now, it would be surprising to me if anybody in the U.S. didn’t know at least one of the adults in this picture. On the right is the deliciously, delectable Jason Momoa and on the left is his gorgeous and iconic wife, Lisa Bonet.Β The reason this picture struck me so much is because they are in an Irish bar with their kids.

Im almost certain that some of you wil go into hyper judgement mode and begin to whine about this being a bad environment for children to be in and how no good parent would even be drinking. *aggressive eye-roll* Save it.

Thankfully, I am capable of seeing so much more when I look at this picture. I see a man and his wife sharing an authentic moment with their babies. I see kids who have such a magical advantage in this life, in being able to travel the world with their parents. I see a woman who is in the prime time of her life, married to a younger man and still able to give him the benefit of having his own biological offspring. I see togetherness. I see family. I see past. I see future. I see a lot.

I think the point of this post is to bring attention to something that many of us simply don’t pay attention to. And that is the fact that, keeping families together is important and a beautiful thing.

In western culture it seems like people are almost in a race to see who can dissolve their unions first. For men, it’s the alluring possibility of going for something fresher and more beautiful. And for women, it’s a race to the bank. It’s really pretty pathetic on both sides.

I refuse to shift focus of this post to the dark side of marriage, so I’ll leave it at this… Unity is beautiful. There is definitely an art to choosing the right partner but it can be done. And if that is something that we want, like any dream, it shouldn’t be released.