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Squeaky Clean Spiritualist

Squeaky clean spiritualism, huh?

Facades and pretend faces.

I think if you ask anyone these are two things that most of us have grown quite accustomed to encountering. Whether we encounter these types of people in personal life or whether we them in our business lives I think it’s fair to say we’re pretty used to it. I would also go as far as to say that most of us are used to keeping up with the facades and pretend faces when it comes to our spirituality as well.

Most people in North America and some of Europe identify themselves religiously as being either Christian or Muslim. Because of these religions and their practices, people are used to seeing spiritualism in a particular way. Now this is not exclusive to those two religions only. Of course there are other religions where people are expected to behave, dress or present themselves in a certain way.

Now the really cool thing is, for those of us who are into GENUINE spiritualism we understand that spirituality has no “container”. True spirituality is really a connection with a realm that exists beyond the realm that we are in currently.

Now that’s  were things begin to complicate just a little bit. Because if you were used to your religious expert coming across as a Tibetan monk Who is very quiet very calm and very soft-spoken it is almost unfathomable for you to encounter a spiritualist who is the exact opposite.

img_1957I am Xanadue Xaviera. I view myself as a spiritualist. I also view myself as a Spirit having a human being experience on this planet. So for me, that means I get to enjoy all of the spoils of life. I get to listen to whatever music I prefer. I get to make friends with those of all different backgrounds. I get to partake in any food I see fit for myself. Simply put, I get to enjoy this experience.

However it’s very important that I point out I enjoy all the things that are spiritual. I enjoy spiritual practice. I enjoy reading about things that are spiritual. I enjoy discussing things that are spiritual. And I enjoy doing things that I would consider to be a spiritual. These things are all a part of my human experience as well and interestingly enough these are the things that make me feel the best. These are the activities where I feel the most connected to myself and other human beings floating around “on this floor”, if you will.

I am not flighty. I am not soft-spoken. I can be in the right timing however, for the most part, I am not that gentle. I am Xanadue. That is all that I will ever know how to be. There’ve been many times I’ve gotten advice where is been encouraged to be a little more of this and a lot less Xanadue. Well, I must denounce that advice. Because if at any point my integrity is called into question I cannot and will not be in a situation where I cannot defend my intention or my authenticity. Besides, I don’t think it would sound any better as an excuse to say “well I had to be different in order to be successful.” That is absolute rubbish.

I know that most of us would like to pretend that we are, but the reality is that none of us are squeaky clean. We have all made mistakes and we have all had a major triumphs. But at the end of the day we are all just ourselves.

Now I think as a person who is wired the way I am there’s a natural tendency for me to keep a certain amount of distance from other human beings and their energy fields. This is absolutely necessary for my survival. But I can say I really like to engage in genuine conversations with people. I cherish authentic exchanges especially those that teach and elevate me to another level. And what I’m learning now is the things that I am meant for will not allow me to conduct myself or maintain friendships or relationships in the same sense that other people may. It’s just not in my cards.

But I love to help and and will do so however I may. Just ask.