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Zero _s Given

So, in the west we have a culture that is centered around convincing people that they don’t know how to live their own lives.Β The interesting thing to me is how easily convinced of this people have been.

I want to be very clear that this observation has not come from a place of judgement merely a place of, well, observation. LOL.

So, in an age where people are taught to always look outside themselves for something it is no wonder that there has been a boom in the abundance of life coaches, advisors and therapists. What I tend to noticed is that these people will tell you how important it is that you be yourself, but that you need to change this or that about yourself.


I personally haven’t decided where my trust level is on the whole movement itself, but I do know this. An advisor for me would have to have a philosophy very similar to Mrs. Loterzo’s. I’m just saying.