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Just Ain’t Good For You

I once had a friend who I went to school with. We were very close in school. But as we grew up time and distance separated us. When I came back into contact with that friend, I was so happy. I think initially the nostalgia was euphoric…
That switched up quickly.
As I kept contact with the friend it became clear that we were in different places in our lives. I was starting over in a new state and feeling highly optimistic about everything I touched. I started to realize her life was in shambles. She was in a new relationship every week and she just NEVER had anything good or positive to say. She was the kind of person that if u had an issue, it didn’t matter because her issue trumped yours.
I cut her off. No conversation. No reason. No explanation. No discussion.
If u ask her today. She would probably tell you I was “fake”… LOL
All the times I listened to her whining about bullshit and didn’t say anything, was I fake? All the times she complained about the same things over and over and over, but I didn’t break her down to size, was I fake? All the times she asked me if I thought there was no hope for her and I told her “no way, you can do whatever you want”, was I fake?
It wouldn’t really matter very much what someone else’s opinion would be anyway… I think the point of this post is to remind folks, that you may need to be weary of the verbiage you use to describe things and people. And even if you aren’t, it may behoove you to look at YOURSELF to try to figure out what actions could have been taken on your part that would encourage people to deal with you the way they do.
If people are always seeking distance from you, there’s a reason for it.