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Holiday Blitz Holiday Smitz

So, its Christmas again.

Usually, this time of the year is filled with bright lights, gifts and well wishes. This is typically the time where even strangers will stop and greet each other in the streets with happy smiles and chatty nothings. LOL.. Its all really very sweet.

For many of us though this is not the case.

There are so many people who are left feeling alienated by all the hoopla of the holidays. Many people are left feeling less than adequate because maybe they don’t have the family or the money to revel in the celebrations the way we are told we should by other people and our media. I have to admit that I relate to this so much this year (and have very much so for at least the last 3). I totally understand being alone, not having current possession of all you KNOW you have in your account with the cosmic bank of existence and being mildly disgusted at the fraudulent care displayed by others.

As I drive through the streets where I live I see so many homeless, disenfranchised people. There are so many wandering souls. I have to even wonder if some of those folks even know what the year is, let alone the date. There are folks everywhere with baskets filled with all they own in this world. A few dirty clothes, a few dirty blankets, a few pieces of trash Im sure they have collected with the intention to turn those things into something that will pay for at least one day’s meal for them some time in the near future.

At least we have a car.

Looking at the huge contrasts between the lives of some and the lives of others, I cant help but to really take a look at how the society is set up. And even with learning certain truths about this structure and my own personal ability to effect its impact on my own life, its still very disappointing. Especially taking into account my own current personal situation.

This post is meant to be short. This post is meant to be to the point. And the point is, no matter how many season’s greetings we send, no matter how many well-wishes we send and no matter how we like to tell ourselves we care, the proof of how much people care about each other is evident in what we see reflected back to us in our society. People care on Facebook, on Twitter and on TV. That care is not realized in everyday life in a way that actually makes a difference.

I would like to close this by reminding just those of us who see things as they truly are to stay encouraged, to stay authentic and to stay focused. Things can shift. Things will shift. If you DEMAND for it to.