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2016… What a memorable year… The only years that I can think of that has had this much of a personal impact on me are,Β of course, the year I stepped into this realm and 2009, which I’ll probably talk about later on…

I made a decision a couple years ago that I wouldn’t really be watching news any more. But there are some stories or events that impact the world so much that they cant help but to make their way to your consciousness. And of course, everyone on social media is a news caster these days. So even though the stories go thru several shifts before they reach me, I am still pretty aware of whats going on in the world.

News this year has been really weird, to say the least. From one monumental celebrity loss to the next and the American presidential election, the media has been on its head from January 1st.

But here is what my take away has been: Shedding.

Now most of the blog posts the I have come across tend to bring up the fact that this year was a number 9 year. And symbolically the number 9 has been associated with endings. I guess that makes sense. But if you are someone who either doesn’t know a lot about numerology or you are a person who is just not interested, let me make this come full circle for you. And, for the record, I AM NOT a numerology expert but because of the way I live my life, it has become imperative that I know some basics in the area. So maybe I should rephrase the full circle statement to say something like “let me show you some personal examples”…

First off, like I mentioned above, there have been a surge in celebrity losses this year. We started out the new year by learning that Natalie Cole had passed on. We lost Frances Cress Welsing and David Bowie all in the first couple days of the year. (Wrote a post about it. Like to read it? Here it go…) Recently, we’ve lost George Micheal and I have been touched pretty deeply. And while its true that this world is in a constant state of cleansing, this year has justΒ FELT different in regards to losing people who impacted this world in BIG ways. Here is a list that is valid as of today… And technically there a couple days left so, ya know. *shrug (List of 2016 Celebrity deaths)

This is most noticeable to myself and people in my generation I believe because we are noticing an official transition of our childhoods. And this could sound crazy, but I don’t think I have ever really been able to acknowledge the MOMENT when I went from kid to adult. And as some of my favorite people from kid-hood move on I can say I got it now.

Another personal point of shedding for me was the ending of an innovative website called Blab.

This is a time now where there has been a fascination with all things “live”. Now days, it isn’t good enough to be able to make a video and post it, you know have to be able to catch things as they happen. And to be very honest it this has revolutionized many things in our everyday lives. This technology has aided in everything from catching incredible weather phenomenons to being witness to some of the most riveting violent incidents of the year. The jury is still out on how good/bad all this is, but for now it just is.

And with this new fascination for all things LIVE there have been many platforms who have come and gone. Well, Blab is one of them.

Blab was a site where people would go to interact with each other live. They would be able to bond with complete strangers over whatever there businesses or passions were. And there was the night crew. LOL. Where lots of us would simply be to share moments of our lives with each other. These were INCREDIBLE people. People who were very successful in their careers and accomplished in their lives.

This was exciting for me because I had made up my mind about a year before that I didn’t want to be around anyone who didn’t have some version of the life I wanted for me and my kid. And this makes very little sense when you aren’t PHYSICALLY in a situation where you can hob-knobb with millionaires and entrepreneurs. Enter BLAB.

I’m funny and cute. Unfortunately, I have even slipped up on using those attributes to their full potential. LOL. But lets face it, that only gets you so far anyway. What I learned from many of the people on BLAB were technical things. How to do this and how to do that. Info that most of these people collected thousands of dollars for they gave to me for just being willing to absorb their knowledge. Things I learned there are invaluable to me and I will use until I don’t need to any more.

The other interesting aspect of BLAB for me was the realization many people are just a little lonely. Even being surrounded by people in their real lives, there was sometimes not enough connection available to sustain the need for understanding, love or approval. And strangely, these things can sometimes be found more easily with strangers. So, BLAB was a godsend in way more ways than just one.

What I guess I should mention about BLAB is that it was in BETA. Now, don’t quote me on this but what that means is that when a site or app is first developed they have a stint of testing that they go through to test the limitations of what that site/app is meant to do. And since they were in their BETA stage they were constantly making changes. Well, they finally decided to do away with BLAB all together and many of us were heartbroken.

For me, with the end of BLAB there went those connections I had made. I made of conscious decision to be completely done with all things BLAB related. That meant most of the people (as I have maintained closeness with a selected few that I think the Universe has decided that I need to have in my life). And this has been another very clear cut representation of how seasons work in our lives. Things/people come and go. They all have tremendous value in shaping our views, opinions and growth. But when its time to release, you do yourself no favors by trying to hold on. Still kinda sad tho.

I won’t even get on the fact that Donald Trump was actually elected to be president of these United States of America. (Whole different post)…

And the last MAJOR release I have made is the link to a relationship that has been in my life for over 15 years now. A relationship that crippled my growth as a power source, an individual and the force that I recognize myself to be. I won’t get into that too much here because this relationship shaped me so much that I think its only fair that I formulate my thoughts properly and dedicate an entire post to that experience.

But what I can say, is the ability to let go of that relationship has given me the strength to also step away from my silly ideas about family and what it actually means. It had allowed me the freedom to see clearly and realize that the blood that flows through my veins is NOT what defines me and that if I am the force that I keep claiming to be, I HAVE to fly. You can too.

2016 took away some things but it gave me a lot. I have all my lessons and new goodies in a bag and Im ready to step into my future. 2017, let’s get it.