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Are You on a Battleship

So, we have all been in some kind of relationship. Most of us have had encounters that were wonderful and some not so good. But the fact remains we have all, at some point, linked our lives with other people.

The interesting thing about this is the lack of foresight we tend to use when we agree to fuse our lives with that of another. There are usually signals that we respond to that let us know we are supposed to be involved with people. And at the same time,there are usually signals that we ignore that let us know that we shouldn’t.

I wanna talk about the signals that let us know that we shouldn’t.

First off, we all know about the infamous “pros and cons” list. Lots of times when we bring up concerns that we have about a potential love, friends or family members will suggest that we make one of these lists. Seems simple enough and I believe that some people actually do make this list. Whether we do so in our heads or write them down, most of us have done this. So, what happens with those results? If the cons list is as long or longer than the pros list many people find themselves in these relationships anyway. Why is that?

Its my belief that as spiritual beings most of us have an unspoken allegiance to our feelings. Even the most logical and practical people will ignore logic when it comes to love and matters of the heart. I feel this is because at the core we are all spiritual. We can “see” with our souls. Many of us understand that regardless to circumstance or appearances that there is always more to the story or situation. And at the detriment of our future happiness we tend to go along with things that wont serve us in the long run.

As someone who has made those same mistakes, I think it could be seen as presumptuous for me to suggest that I have an answer to this issue. The truth is, I don’t. I do believe however that with some life experience I do have a bit of insight. And if for nothing else but the fact that I (as many of us do) want to avoid unions that bring strain and misery to my life as I move into the future.

I think the possibilities of this stops when we see the cons list and weigh the importance of the things on that side of the list. So even if there are only 3 cons to 10 pros, if the possibility of this person being violent is on the cons list, we may be better off pulling back anyway.

And the other thing I feel compelled to bring up is the fact that sometimes relationships only show up to teach us something. Sure, this is no major revelation. And we have all heard this before. But it seems that when the demise of a relationship begins, there are many of us who will do any and everything we can in order to salvage it. We ignore the poison that has begun to surface. We ignore the horrible feelings associated with the person in question. We ignore the dysfunction that seeps into our worlds. And for most of us it is because we have become comfortable and fear the idea of having to start over again with someone new.

This is a ridiculous fear. This is a fear I have had to FORCE myself to take a look at. But the the thing is, when we convince ourselves that “starting over” is a bad thing, we run the risk of blocking things that are designed to hoist us up to our greatest potential. We are saying to God or Allah or Universe that we know how to run this world better than it does. And Im sure that most of us would acknowledge (even those of us who understand how to incorporate or will or magick) that this is simply untrue.

God (or whatever your preferred title is) has a system that is infallible. We are given the power to participate in the game of life but NONE of us will ever know how to implement life better than Source does. I say that to say that when Source gives you signs and visions that a particular relationship is either not for you or completely over, it would behoove you to listen. As THIS is your intuition speaking to you.

Now, the mere fact that most of us are unwilling to walk away in a timely fashion is okay too…. That is confirmation that the lesson for that union hasn’t completely run its course. Its important to see that for what it is and allow for those modules to finish. But once those lessons have gone through and the other party in a relationship is no longer able or WILLING to participate, we need to move around.

Let’s start honoring our potential for happiness in all areas of our lives. Let’s stop holding on to things longer than what we need to. Let’s stop pretending that if one section of our lives has to die that it means the rest of our life has to as well.

When you are willing to let go you can FLY!