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Bullies are assholes… Even when they need the help.

I HATE very little in this world like I hate people who bully. I can’t stand people who use manipulative tactics in any form to get others to do what they want, on a regular basis (cause if we’re honest, sometimes that shit is necessary).

However, I don’t go as far as to say that they shouldn’t exist. That would be bullshit.

Most of us have had to deal with bullies in some form or capacity. They serve their purpose in helping us to become more resilient and shaping our strength. So, unfortunately they are needed.

But recently there has been a MAJOR storm on the south eastern coast of Texas (Hurricane Harvey) that has been devastating in its effects on all the cities that are placed all along the gulf coast (and of course Louisiana, who ALWAYS get storms). Houston, being one of the bigger cities that have been hit pretty hard, has had thousands of people displaced and some even killed by these horrible events.

Point of this post: Lakewood church is also a staple in Houston, TX. This is one of the major mega churches in the country and has been lead by a famous preacher known as Joel Osteen.

Recently, all over social media, Osteen and Lakewood has been catching all kinds of heat because apparently they haven’t opened the sanctuary of that church, which is said to be able to house thousands of people.

Here are my thoughts… Listen with headphones or in a private space, the language is not work friendly.